2014 Achievements and Tourism Indonesia Targets for 2015

The total number of international tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2014 is at this very moment recorded at 9.3 million, while domestic tourism totals 251 million trips, said Tourism Minister AriefYahya at the end of the year press conference.

Misool, Papua Barat-11
The Minister is positive that when all data are in, the final target number, namely of 9.5 million tourists by the end of the year will be achieved, forming a solid cornerstone to reach next year’s target of 10 million international tourists and 254 million domestic tourist trips in 2015.
The number of international tourist arrivals to Indonesia by the end of 2014 will have increased 5.65% compared to 2013. While for the period between January-October, the growth of international tourists reached was 8.71%, from 7,134,052 in 2013 to 7,755,616 in 2014. Growth also occurred in domestic tourists from 250 million trips in 2013 to 251 million trips in 2014.

Source: Indonesia travel