Bali Adventure Skytours

Nigel and the new machine

Bali Adventure Skytours returns to the sky with a new Eurocopter B2, offering breath-taking sky tours, charters and transfers in Bali. Operating Bali’s first VIP helicopter complete with air-conditioning, luxury leather interiors and a state-of-the-art internal and external camera system, guests enjoy unparalleled viewing with modern TV monitor screens and a sound system. Personalised services include scenic tours and volcano sightseeing; customised adventure flights; airport, hotel and inter-island transfers; luxury charter flights; medical evacuation; aerial photography and filming; and it is the first company in Bali to offer aerial banner advertising. Sky Tours may be combined with any Bali Adventure Tour including white water rafting, Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, mountain cycling, spa package tours and ATV tours.

on the tarmac at Surabaya

“Hi Everyone,  Just flew into Bali with my new Eurocopter B2 Helicopter, smooth, comfortable and fast.  Fantastic!!!  On the way from Jakarta we flew over Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist stupa in the world and the famous Prambanan Hindu temple in Java, doing lots of filming. Nearly didn’t make it to Bali from Surabaya due to the volcano erupting at the Bali end of Java, as the volcano ash cloud was between Bali and us.  But rather than cancel I said ‘go for it’ and we flew up to 8500 feet to get over the volcanic dust, diverting out of sea, finally dropping down into Bali after a few tense moments.  A bloody volcano wasn’t going to stop me getting this machine to Bali after a one year wait! Now comes the hard work of launching and established the new ‘Bali Adventure Sky Tours”.

Finally home in our new hangar