Bluefields Bay – Cool off on our New Boat!!




Dear Friends,

Our Bluefields Bay summer is turning out to be fantastic!  After years of contemplation, we are in the process of adding a great new amenity. 

In view of our mission to benefit the local community, we commissioned a local builder to construct our first boat. It is a 29′ long x 10′ wide glass-bottom boat with roof (shown above) and includes everything we feel our guests will want:  glass windows to view the       fish and coral without leaving the comfort of the boat; a large roof to shade guests from the sun and to provide snorkelers with welcome relief; an easy platform for boarding the boat; stairs that go into the water to simplify getting in and out of the sea; and of course plenty of space to enjoy drinks and snacks too!  We expect its completion and delivery in early July.

We are delighted to announce a partnership with the local Bluefields Bay Fishermen’s Friendly Society to maintain and operate our boat. With Jamaica known for over-fished waters, Bluefields Bay is happily now the most successful of Jamaica’s 7 protected fish sanctuaries.  This means that local fishermen must fish less until fish stocks increase, and providing them with new sources of income (stewarding and maintaining this boat) is something we hope our guests will welcome and support.  Please know the local fishermen have navigated these waters safely for many years.  

With this boat, we will be able to offer:

  • Morning birding tours to Bird Island, a group of mangroves with thousands of nesting birds  
  • Snorkeling at both reefs located in Bluefields Bay
  • Glass-bottom daytime boat cruises to see the successful revitalization effort
  • Sunset cruises in Bluefields Bay-style with served drinks and appetizers

We also want to mention that, due to an El Nino, the National Hurricane Center is predicting a well-below-normal year for hurricanes.  We hope they are correct.

 Book your Off-Peak Season 2014 vacation now with promo code “Boat”.  The first 2 bookings get 1 complimentary night.  The next 3 bookings get a $500 credit for new boat trips or spa services. After those first 5 bookings, you receive a 2 hour snorkel trip free once the boat is delivered.  If it is not yet delivered, you get a free Couples Massage.*