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Bird Fair, Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Took most of last week to recover from a weekend working at the Bird Fair held at Rutland Water Nature Reserve. This event does what it says on the tin – it is a fair about all things ‘bird’. The fair was a huge success and we very much enjoyed representing our client, Trans Niugini Tours of Papua New Guinea. PNG is a wonderful destination to promote because of its gorgeous bird life – even the pigeons are stunning – but representing Trans Niugini Tours is great because they are the market leader there with 35 years’ experience, and they also own atmospheric lodges and have their own fleet of planes, boats and vehicles ensuring complete control of the operation on the ground.

The Bird Fair is open to the public, but we managed to link up with around 30 specialist travel companies, so some good potential for Trans Niugini Tours. We also introduced the new Port Moresby to Baliflight and the possibilities it opened up for tour operator programmes – a two-centre adventure and beach holiday.

Loved the opportunity to cruise Rutland Water for a bit of osprey spotting with the eccentric Johnny Kingdom. Sadly the osprey were camera shy!