After the terrible Bali and Jakarta bombings over a decade ago, yet again Indonesia has shown its strength of character. The true back bone of a community often comes to light when it is threatened and indeed that courage and caring for one another is demonstrated by the recent events in Jakarta which are reported in the Bali Update opening paragraph:

“Om Swastiastu …

Much of our coverage this week centres on last week’s terrorist attack in downtown Jakarta that left 8 dead – 4 of who were terrorists.

Only three days after that tragedy, the people of Indonesia demonstrated their resilience and opposition to terror by celebrating a car-free Sunday with their family and children in the very same location where terrorists tried to take control of their lives and failed so abysmally”

We have 8 articles looking at various aspects of the aftermath of the terror incident that has seen an entire nation now proclaim:” We are not afraid.”

Caution Advised Indonesian Defence Minister Warns Bali May be Next Target for Terrorist Attack

Kuta Battens Down its Security Hatches Bali Police in Kuta and Denpasar Take Anticipative Steps Following Jakarta Terrorists Attack

Business as Usual at Bali’s Airport Bali’s Airport Now Under Heightened Security Crackdown, But No Signs of Tourist Exodus

Human Right to Take Back Seat in Fight on Terror? Indonesia Intelligence Boss Wants Greater Arrest and Detention Rights to Confront the Threat of Terrorism

 We are Not Afraid Bali Police React Decisively in Hours Following Jakarta Terror Attack

Don’t Give in to Terror Bali Hotel Association Issues Statement in Response to Jakarta Bomb Attacks

Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself Governor Pastika Declares Bali Security Situation Under Control; Urges Public to Be Calm

Seeking a Safe Have in Bali for a Holiday Domestic and Foreign Tourists Ignore Jakarta Terrorism While Continuing to Enjoying a Bali Holiday