Make Room at the Top for Garuda

Garuda Aiming to Be Named Among the World Best Five Airlines


As the result of its successful Quantum Leap Programlaunched in 2011, the Indonesian National Air Carrier Garuda Indonesiais now ranked as the world’s 7th best airline according to Skytrax rankings.

But, in the eyes of Garuda Indonesia, the best is yet to come.Garuda Airline

Quoted by Jawa Pos, the general manager for public relations of Garuda Indonesia, Iksan Rosan, said on Wednesday, November 26, 2014: “This year we are still ranked as number 7 in the world. Next year we have the ambition to be ranked among the give best five airlines in the world. We are undertaking a number of steps to achieve this including improving the level of service both on board and outside our aircraft, including ground service and other areas.”

While ranked by Skytrax generally as the 7th best airlines in the world, in 2013 Garuda was named as the best airline for economy class service. “In Economy class we are already ranked as the best in the world. Now we are focusing on improving our service in business class,” added Rosan.

In evaluating the world’s airlines Skytrax surveys the opinions of worldwide airline passengers over a period of 10-months seeking input on every aspect of airline operations from more than 18.8 million respondents.

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