Newsletter – Trade Shows

Dear Colleagues.

I would like to advise you all that RP Marketing will be participating in a number of Trade Events over the next few weeks, and would very much value the chance to meet with you to talk about my client Trans Nuigini Tours in Papua New Guinea, and any other clients that might be of interest.

They are as follows;


Tuesday 28 February. Meet the Pacific Sales Agents Training Evening in Manchester.
Wednesday 01 March Meet the Pacific Suppliers in Manchester. Pre Booked Sessions through the day. Click here for details

PATA Exchange

Location: 1 Westferry Circus, London E14 4HD

Monday 13 March PATA Exchange in London. Pre booked sessions throughout the day. I will be sharing a desk with Robin from PNG Tourism.  Click here


Unite Pacific & Australasia 2017 – London

The 10th Annual Unite Pacific & Australasia event will be held on Tuesday 14th March 2017

Click here for details  to get a pre booked session.

I will also be spending Thursday this week at Destinations and you can find me at the PNG stand.



Finally I will be visiting ITB in Berlin on the Friday of 10 March, and again best to find me on the PNG stand.



If any of those dates or events appeal to you, I would be very pleased to see you and help you look at our Trans Nuigini Tours products.
A busy couple of months for me but usually very rewarding.
Many thanks.
Best regards

Richard Parks