Orchidaceae of Papua New Guinea

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The Orchidaceae of Papua New Guinea represents the largest percentage of all known orchid species in the world with an estimated 3,200 species out of a total of some 30,000. Research of the  Orchidaceae of New Guinea since Rudolf Schlechter has been sporadic at the best and the Orchidaceae of New Guinea is much less researched and understood than those of South East Asia or Central and South America.

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The country’s rain forests provide such a vast and suitable home to these delicate flowers that new species are still being regularly discovered.

Rondon Ridge has a beautiful, well maintained orchid gardens on the lodge grounds while the one at Ambua Lodge is nearby and their impressive collections showcase many of the delicate high altitude species found in their areas.

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The people of the Sepik also value their orchids and lovely specimens can be seen throughout the local villages as well as on the Karawari Lodge grounds. The larger varieties such as the Sepik Blue are spectacular specimens.

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge is also developing a collection of Orchids on the grounds of the Lodge. They can also be seen during tours to neighbouring villages where the local people garden them in recognition of their beauty.

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