“Rafting + Elephants – a picture perfect Bali day!”

We spent a day with Bali Adventure Tours as part of our honeymoon, and did the rafting in the morning, followed by elephant safari in the afternoon. Long story short, this was one of the best things we did on our trip! The rafting in the morning was amazing – class 2/3 rapids so not too intense for second-timers like us, but the scenery was unreal. Felt like we were traveling through a movie it was so beautiful. The guide was also extremely nice and knowledgeable about the water, countryside, and Bali in general (and spoke English well). Plus, the journey was plenty long (2 hours on the water) so that we could really enjoy the rafting.


Following a solid buffet lunch, we spent the afternoon with the elephants, in the safari area featuring 30+ rescued elephants from Sumatra. The elephant show was fun to see not only the skills of the elephants, but also the (seemingly) great care provided to them by the trainers and staff of the safari. Later in the afternoon we did take our elephant ride for ~25 minutes around the sanctuary. Definitely an experience not to be missed!

Would recommend this to any couples, friends, or families (with kids of any ages) traveling through Bali – we saw some of each throughout our day and all were having a great time!