RP Marketing Newsletter – July 2014

Dear Colleagues

Thank you to those who have told us you like the new-look website and also for engaging with us through social media and reading our blogs on the website. Your continued support for our DMC and resort clients is very much appreciated.

Also please note that I will be changing email addresses from the middle of August and it will be rpmarketing@btconnect.com

We are very pleased to bring you the latest news from RP Marketing’s clients.

Website and Social Media 

We can’t get out to see you all in person to keep you informed about our clients’ activities, so please do engage with us on our sites, enabling us to keep you up to date. Do regularly check our website as well as Facebook LinkedInTwitterGoogle+

If you would like to speak to me on Skype, my contact is Richard J Parks. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Best regards


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