The 2016 Solar Eclipse can be Observed across the Indonesian Archipelago

Although astronomers have confirmed that only a small number of cities in Indonesia lie on the path of the 2016 total solar eclipse, however,  the opportunity to observe parts  of this phenomenon can be experienced in  most parts of the Indonesian Archipelago. Those who cannot make it to PaluTernate, or  other cities where are the best views of the total solar eclipse, one can still enjoy it   in other areas such as in Bali and Bandung.


 “The entire Indonesian Archipelago will see the umbra (the innermost and darkest part of a shadow) and penumbra (the region where some or all of the light source is obscured) of the eclipse.  I’ve heard that many tourists have already planned to observe the total solar eclipse in Bali due to better transportation and accommodation facilities. In Bali, the total solar eclipse is at 80%”explained Avivah Yamani, founder of the  astronomy community Langit Selatan.

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