The Bluefields Basic School, Jamaica needs your help!

Magic can occur when completely unexpected! Last May we were contacted by previous guests who asked how they could make the most meaningful impact with a US$25,000 donation to the Bluefields Basic School. We were totally astounded by their generosity! After much discussion, the donors and community agreed that a school with no access via paved road is unacceptable. Students aged 3-5 must trudge up muddy stone-filled tracks to reach their school, often alone. In addition, the school sits next to a large sports field that will finally become accessible for community games, concerts and events.

We solicited quotes for the project, and, after a thorough vetting process, located a contractor whose work we trust. Thanks to the generosity of the Pearson family, we are already halfway to full funding. We hope to raise the rest of the necessary $51,267 by late October so this paved road can become a reality in late November.

We do not expect large sums. Thousands of people have visited Bluefields Bay over the past 30+ years and many have grown fond of the place and its people, so we hope to reach the “finish line” with many modest gifts. Donations are tax-deductible as they are made to the Bluefields Environmental Protection Association (BEPA), a registered charity in both Jamaica and the United States.  And please rest assured that every donated dollar will be used to pave this new road.

Please click here if you would like to help!

Please help get Pearson Lane built.  We look forward to sharing this fantastic project with you when you next visit Bluefields Bay!

All the best,
Debbie & Houston