Vietnam’s First Five Star all-inclusive cruise in NhaTrang Bay

Richard Parks (RP Marketing) and Anita Sach (Travel Projects) were delighted to join client Pham Ha (Luxury Travel Vietnam) at this year’s World Travel Market, London 2014   promoting the launch of Emperor Cruises in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam, one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, with miles of long, beautiful white-sand beaches and warm water, year-round green tropical islands and parks, rivers, typical fishing villages, special culinary characteristics and gorgeous seafood… Just some of the highlights of Nha Trang that appeal to seasoned holidaymakers.

Anita 4

Inspiration for Emperor Cruises came from the recreational activities of Emperor Bao Dai when he used to stay in his villas in Nha Trang. He took great pleasure in sailing in Nha Trang Bay to go fishing around the offshore islands. Almost a half century later, Emperor Cruises have recreated his vessel, using inspirational designs, and still fit for an emperor.

The Emperor Cruises fleet has a junk cruise boat (from February 2015 with a capacity of 32 passengers) fit for royalty for day cruises around Nha Trang Bay as well as sunset cocktails and dinner on board.


Emperor Cruises will also launch overnight luxury cruises in June 2015 in world-famous Nha Trang Bay, accommodating 30 people in 15 en-suite cabins, the first in a total of five cruise ships in this particular project, with each one designed to be a sanctuary where every moment counts  for the guests.

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