Sepick Spirit Cruise – September 2021 Papua New Guinea

Travel on the MV Sepik Spirit offers a unique and diverse experience of the remote Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. This four night/five day cruise gives the curious traveller ample time to journey through the Karawari river and deep into the “Mighty Sepik River”, where one can experience the remote villages and the ancient Spirit Houses that can only be seen in this part of the country. The “Haus Tambaran” or Spirit houses are entwined within the heart of the Sepik tribal traditions of mens’ initiation, storytelling and artistic carvings, all of which have been passed on through many generations. The Spirit house itself is the sacred gatekeeper of both their ancestral spirits and the stories of their people.

The renowned artistry of these unique tribes can be admired in their weaving, pottery and sculpture. The opportunity to witness and to purchase art from the local villages is one of the highlights of travel into this remote corner of the country.
Passengers will have to fly via charter aircraft to and from Karawari Lodge where you will embark and disembark the Sepik Spirit. This itinerary can be taken alone or combined with further locations. Trans Niugini Tours will tailor an itinerary to give you the most memorable experience of Papua New Guinea.


27 September 2021
This morning fly by charter flight into the deep heart of the jungle where your wondrous journey begins on the Sepik Spirit river boat. Its’ unique design was inspired by the local art and architecture of the “Haus Tambaran” or Spirit House. Enjoy lunch onboard as you begin the cruise along the swirling waters of the Karawari river, cruising past the remote villages and wild jungle that line the banks of the river. This afternoon, travel into one of the local villages to catch your first glimpse into the unique tribal traditions of the river people. OVERNIGHT: SEPIK SPIRIT (BLD)

28 September, 29 September & 30 September 2021
The journey begins on the Karawari river, a tributary of the “Mighty Sepik River”, and transverses along the remote river waterways to the middle Sepik River. You will pass jungle covered banks dotted with traditional fishing villages as you journey down the winding river for over 80 km to reach the Sepik River. As you meander along the Karawari River and Black water lakes you will experience remote villages, learn their customs and experience their day to day lives in modern times; which still closely reflects their traditional tribal lifestyle.
Once you reach the Sepik River travel into the remote Chambri Lakes, where you will visit the original traditional spirit houses of Kanganamin and Palambei; some of the most remarkable spirit houses still in existence. We pay respect to the sacred Haus Tambaran where generations of secret tales are told and dances to the drums and the rituals and stories are passed on to the next generation. The middle Sepik is the Place where carvers and artists create the unique artifacts that are so essential to the spiritual life of the people. You will have plenty of opportunity to admire or purchase some of their unique artifacts while visiting the local villages. OVERNIGHT: SEPIK SPIRIT (BLD)

1 October 2021
Begin the journey back up the Karawari River and prepare to leave the Sepik Spirit for your journey to your next destination. OVERNIGHT: SEPIK SPIRIT (BLD)